93 years old in 2047

« 93 years old in 2047 » summary of the story:

We are in 2047, 20 years after a nuclear conflict, a 93-year-old man who has an ordinary life describes his daily environment, the functioning of society, what new technologies exist at that time, his robot butler, his household robot. How is society organized with the huge advances in artificial intelligence that runs a lot of things. The possibility of prolonging life.

He is confronted with the adventure after a contact on earth with an extraterrestrial coming from the planet Kanakan named Garakan.

He falls in love with an android made by Garakan’s company especially for earthlings.

He will participate with other extraterrestrial beings in expeditions based on commercial prospecting in several areas of the galaxy by becoming an advisor to Garakan.

In 2047 the famous laws of robotics will have to evolve.

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93 years old in 2047
93 years old in 2047

Long after the singularity, Artificial Intelligence rules humanity, robots serve, life spans lengthen, old age and death recede.
Extra-terrestrial civilizations, the disturbing sides of the latest technologies, hybridizations, implants, cyborgs, Nano technologies, new transports, all the ingredients of classic science fiction.

The year is 2047. Humanity’s progress is accelerated by encounters with extraterrestrial civilizations, disturbing applications of technology, and new powers attained by the human mind. The ordinary life of an unadventurous, slightly outdated old man becomes extraordinary as he explores a future world that progresses and loses in equal measure.

In a future world that has become extraordinary, where humanity is ruled by Artificial Intelligence and where longevity has become a reality, an old man will experience changing his life in order to adapt to this new world is so foreign. This novel features everything science fiction fans love: extraterrestrial civilizations, artificial intelligences, life extension, robots, androids, new technologies and a bright future.

The year is 2047. The Singularity happened a long time ago. Major discoveries and technological innovations, such as Nanotechs, will extend the lifespan. A totally peaceful world where androids do the dirty work and where crime, hunger and pollution are non-existent. But this utopia hides a dark secret behind its apotheosis: a kind of virus has infected the AI, making certain androids potentially dangerous for humans… The famous laws of robotics will have to evolve.

In this unknown future, to which Yann Sorel does not consider himself prepared, we follow old Yann who is simply trying to adapt and survive… He will succeed in finding happiness, love, adventure and a future .

He lives for 93 years, the next step was death. But his death is not programmed, and he faces a new world: Nano technologies have other plans for him. Artificial intelligences have transformed his world into a technological paradise.

After the singularity, artificial intelligence reigns over humanity. Cyborgs and advanced technologies have revolutionized society. New forms of transportation and extraterrestrial civilizations have appeared, allowing humanity to explore the galaxy. Faced with this new world, a 93-year-old man who finds hope in his future.

Imagine a future filled with robots, intelligent androids and interplanetary travel. Imagine owning such an android, and being able to explore space, while your AI takes care of all your needs.

2047 - Eve-Androïd
2047 – Eve-Androïd

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